Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

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Elder Law & Medicaid Planning

Elder law is a field of law that often starts with Medicaid planning, but that also involves so much more. Elder law matters are not just legal issues affecting the elderly. Anyone who has family counting on them, concerns about their own future medical treatment, or assets they care about should get help from an experienced elder law attorney.

Getting elder law help is critical because life always comes with risk. At any time, you could be hurt in an accident or fall and be unable to communicate. You could develop a serious physical or mental illness which leaves you unable to manage your assets or even make healthcare choices. You might even pass away. These are concerns that primarily affect seniors, which is how elder law gets its name. Unfortunately, people both young and old can face unexpected illnesses, injuries, and other tragedies. That is why planning is so crucial.

If a tragedy like this befalls you, your family could be left uncertain of your wishes for medical care and forced to make tough choices or even be faced with having to terminate life support care in the hospital. Your family would likely be forced to go to court, have you declared incapacitated, and have someone named as your guardian just in order to be able to manage your assets. Your estate could also be diminished in value due to taxes and medical costs, leaving your family to fight over assets if you pass away.

The field of elder law allows you to avoid all these undesirable outcomes by planning ahead to make your wishes known and to protect both you and the people in your life who you care about the most.

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Your team at PK Legal can help you to identify the risks that you and your family face in the future and will help you to use available legal tools to mitigate, minimize, or eliminate those risks. Some of the different ways in which an elder law attorney can assist you include

  • Creating a last will and testament.
  • Creating trusts for asset protection and incapacity planning
  • Creating a power of attorney so you name an agent who is in charge of managing assets and/or so you can select a healthcare proxy.
  • Creating advanced directives such as a living will so the decision on CPR, the use of a feeding tube, and other healthcare matters is made in advance by you and not left to your loved ones.
  • Planning for guardianship of children and pets in case something happens to you
  • Securing insurance and taking other steps necessary to provide financially for your loved ones after your death.

We can also help you to plan for all the important things that make life worth living, like providing a college education for your children, milestones like weddings and achieving financial security during your own retirement years. You need help with all these issues from asset protection to financial planning to estate planning. PK Legal is here to offer you advice on the legal tools you need to achieve security and to plan for whatever the future brings.

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